Mzuri sp. z o.o.

Mzuri is the largest company in Poland specializing in lease management of flats, houses and luxury apartments. We take over all the responsibilities of their owners in terms of leasing and ongoing oversight of their apartments and tenants. We currently operate in 32 cities across Poland and manage over 4,000 premises.

Mzuri Investments sp. z o.o.

At Mzuri Investments we comprehensively support our clients in investing in real estate properties for rent. We assist them in selecting the appropriate investment strategy, we pursue and secure investment opportunities, we organize the acquisition process, manage renovations and prepare the apartment for rent. So far we have purchased nearly 1,000 apartments for individual investors.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster the financial freedom of our clients, employees and contributors through investing in real estate properties for rent.

Mzuri means “good” in Swahili and we make every effort to operate accordingly.