Property management

We are the largest company in Poland specializing in property management of apartments for rent. We have nearly 4,000 residential units under our management in 32 cities across Poland.

Our property management service involves comprehensive oversight of the apartments entrusted to us by our clients. We prepare them for leasing, we rent them and supervise their property afterwards.

As weare geared towards a long-term co-operation, our commission is designed in a way that ensures that we only earn it when our clients profit.

We do not charge additionally for finding a tenant nor for our commute to the apartment.

The apartments under our management are rented on average for 347 days a year, which means less than 5% vacancy rate annually.

We take it upon ourselves to devise and promote the lease offers, to show the apartments to their potential tenants, to supervise their renovations and repairs. We save your time!

Thanks to our detailed verification of tenants we boast nearly 100% rate of paid rents and nearly 80% rate of renewed lease agreements.

See how it works in practice:

1. We take over the apartment and prepare it for leasing
2. We select and verify its potential tenants
3. We sign the lease agreement and hand the apartment over to the tenant
4. We monitor the rent payments and the condition of the apartment
5. We handle the tenant’s questions, requests and complaints
6. We supervise repairs and renovations
7. We takeover of the apartment back from the tenant