Invest in Poland

Property investment opportunities in Poland, rent management included, ROI 6,5% - 8,1%!

Investment properties in revitalised apartment buildings, new developments, rented apartments, apartments buildings 

Are you looking for an investment opportunity in a new development? A rented apartment? A whole apartment building? 

Check out our property investment opoortunities!

Our investment opportunities offer even 6-7% ROI, with rent management included!

In comparison, other popular investment destination cities in Europe offer:

  • Munich – 2-3% ROI
  • Paris – 2-2,5% ROI
  • London – 2-3,5% ROI
  • Barcelona – 2,5-3,5% ROI
  • Amsterdam – 2-3% ROI
  • Brussels – 2,5-3,5% ROI

...without rent management! 

Investing in Poland yields even two times more than in other european cities. Aditionally, Mzuri apartments are maintenance-free and low price!

  • 500.000 PLN to GBP ~ 100 000 GBP
  • 500.000 PLN to EUR ~ ok.112 000 EUR
  • 500.000 PLN to CHF ~ ok.122 000 CHF
  • 500.000 PLN to USD ~ ok.133 000 USD

Why Mzuri?

A proven formula

Rental properties are the best known assets to invest your capital in. Mzuri has developed a proven model of rental units, based on a perfect calculation, good finishes and amenities’ standards and optimum surface area.  

Invest safely with expert’s guidance

We put an effort into making our offer as thorough as possible: from the right location choice, finishing standards and rule adherence, to a comprehensive rental management and supervision of your apartment.

Professional rent management

Mzuri offers a fully passive investment method. We save your time and offer you a peace of mind, while we find the right tenant for your apartment, collect the rent and solve all possible issues. We have over 20 years of experience in rent management and provide services to over 6.400 apartments. 

Discover investment opportunities in Poland

Our experts will answer all your questions, find the right offer for you and help with all the procedures.

You want to start investing in apartments for rent, but…

  • You don't know where to start? 
  • You worry about the security of your investment? 
  • Or you just don't have the time to do it all? 

Mzuri provides investment counselling services to help our individual clients in every step of the investment procedure.

How does it work?

1. Investment strategy we define your preferences and design the investment strategy.

You can begin to invest in rental properties with just 10.000 PLN, thanks to Mzuri Crowdfund Investing (CFI), polish REIT-type investment trusts. Those, who are willing to invest bigger sums can benefit from our standard investment counselling. For our clients who want to invest 1 mln PLN and above we provide a service of building a whole investment properties portfolio. With even bigger budget we can even help to buy a whole apartment building.

2. Identifying market opportunities – we search for the perfect solution for you.

We search for investment opportunities with prices below the market average. The scope of our services allows us to offer our clients apartments throughout the whole country.

Based on a previous inquiry, we email our clients the selection of listings to choose from.

3. Transaction execution – we oversee every step.

We prepare the documents and close the deal. From due diligence, through deal negotiations, to  deposit contract and preliminary contract signing coordination – we oversee every step of the procedure. For our clients’ convenience, especially those who live outside of Poland, we also act as their legal representatives before a notary public.

4. Renovation and/or furnishing the apartment – we take care of all the details.

We help our investor clients to prepare their apartments for rent, in order to make it the most appealing to the future tenants. Usually it involves renovation, furnishing or some home staging. We advise on the best and the cheapest way to do it, so that the highest return on the investment is ensured. We collaborate with trusted teams of professionals, who have carried out hundreds of renovations for us.

5. Rent management – we find the best tenant for your apartment.

We offer a comprehensive service of rent management. It means we carry out all the duties involved in finding the tenant, ongoing communications, troubleshooting, periodic reviews of the apartment, rent monitoring, debt collection and inventory after the lease. The service is included in a separate contract, signed after the notary deed.

Begin to invest in Poland

Why invest in Poland?


a growing and stable market

Real estate market in Poland is having its moment! For the last 15 years the prices have been rising steadily and thanks to the economy expanding the demand is increasing!


high returns

Investing in real estate in Poland is a highy profitable business. The return on Investments reaches as high as 6% - 7% (including management costs and void periods).



You live outside of Poland? It’s not an issue for us. You can still benefit from services of an experienced rent management operator that will help you in every step of the way: supervising all the paper work, finding the tenant and even renovating and furnishing of your apartment!

Do you want to know more about our services? Contact us!

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